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HRE Performance Wheels began in the 1970s as a small American auto racing equipment company embarking on a multi-decade journey of innovation in high performance wheel design.

It was not merely a company that HRE Performance Wheels would build, but rather a new standard of quality and service for other custom wheel manufacturer to follow.

Today, HRE Performance Wheels continues to set the standard for custom wheel design and manufacturing with innovative engineering and a commitment to technical excellence.

In the early 1980s HRE Performance Wheels begins racing and builds and prepares race cars, designs custom 3-piece modular racing wheels for Formula Ford, Mazda Pro Series, Bosch Super Vee and Formula Atlantic racers.

HRE Performance Wheels C-Series C-20

HRE Performance Wheels C-Series C-20

HRE Performance wheels utilizes a state-of the art CAD systems challenging the quality of European competitors. HRE then becomes first U.S. wheel company to successfully spin-form 3-piece rims and introduces a new line of race-bred street wheels. HRE Performance wheels then adds forging capability and offers lighter weight modular aluminum wheels. HRE diversifies custom fitment capability for sports cars including Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, etc.

Just 4 years later HRE Wheels introduces one of the lightest aluminum modular wheel lines ever, the Competition Series. At the same time, a high-fashion wheel, the 940R Series, debuts for luxury cars and SUVs. HRE Wheels was selected as OE wheel manufacturer for the Saleen S7 super car.

HRE Performance Wheels continuously strives to refine engineering, design and manufacturing technology furthering its proud heritage as the most exclusive wheel manufacturer in North America. Find that special HRE Wheel for your Corvette, BMW, Ferrari or Honda tuner.

Helo Custom Wheels
HRE Wheels
HRE Forged 3-piece wheels
Discount HRE Rims For Cars, Trucks and SUVs
Custom Fitments For Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen
The Complete Line of HRE Custom Wheels
Street / Track Competition Series - C-Series - C20, C21 and C22
Designed for Street and Track.

SUV / Sedan Series 940R Series - 943R, 945R, 947R and 948R
Designed for luxury sedans, coupes, and SUVs.

SUV Series 640R Series - 640R, 643R, 645R, 646R, 647R and 648R
Designed for SUVs.

Sport Coupes and Sedans Series 840 Series - 840R, 841R, 842R, 843R, 844R, 845R and 847R
Designed for exclusive Sports/GT Vehicles.

Sport Coupes and Sedans Series 540R Series - 540R, 541R, 542R, 543R, 544R, 545R and 549R
Designed for luxury coupes and sedans.

Sport Coupes and Sedans Series 540 Series - 540R, 541, 542, 543, 544, 545 and 549
Designed for luxury coupes and sedans.

Sport Coupes and Sedans Series 440R Series - 441R, 445R, 446R, 447R, 448R and 449R
Designed for coupes and sedans.

Check out these Custom Wheel Specials! - HRE Performance Custom Wheels
We actively engage custom wheel manufacturers for special pricing on overstock items so that we can offer you the best deals we can. These special prices change from day to day, week to week and even month to month.

HRE Wheels
Black On Chrome Wheels
HRE Rims
Black On Chrome Rims

Another Resource for HRE Performance Wheels is eBay. At eBay you can find 1-4 new wheels, used or that obsolete HRE Alloy chrome rims you can't find anywhere else.

Trans-Am with HRE HRE Performance Custom Wheels

Trans-Am with HRE Performance Custom Wheels

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