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If you are looking for cheap chrome rims, cheap chrome wheels or cheap spinning rims for your car, truck or SUV then we can show you the way to 16 inch chrome wheels to 24 inch chrome rims and even big 26 inch rims and tires from merchants you can trust.

All at discount or dirt cheap prices you can afford.

Most of our Custom Wheel and Rim suppliers use search by manufacturer or a Wheel Finder to find that just right discount chrome rims or discount chrome wheels for you.

At Custom Wheel and Rim you can search their rims and wheels by manufacturer and they are all priced. Then use their Wheel finder! to find just the right size and fitment for your truck, SUV or Dually.

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Here are a few examples of wheels pricing by manufacturer for cheap custom wheels that will fit a 2005 Honda Civic.

Kazera KZ-S 16x7 chrome plated Kazera
KZ-S   16
Chrome Wheels


ASA JS1 Silver w/Machined Lip 17x7 ASA
JS1   17 inch
Silver w/Machined Lip


Sport Edition F7 Silver Painted 16x7 Sport Edition
F7   16 inch
Silver Painted


TRMotorsport RB5 17x7 inch TRMotorsport
RB5   17 inch
Chrome Wheels


If you don't want to spend a months wages on chrome car rims, chrome alloy wheels, black chrome rims, spinning rims, custom racing wheels, custom spoke wheels or custom wire wheels but you still want that cool custom look for your Honda, Audi, BMW or Mustang what do you do? Find cheap chrome wheels prices on custom forged wheels by searching our Custom Wheel and Rim MFG and additional resources.

You can save hundreds of dollars just by taking some time to compare the discount custom wheels deals you can find online. Many online automotive merchants offer you customs rims balanced and shipping all for free. Something to consider if you want the cool custom look without the expensive payments.

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Cheap Custom Rims - $400.00 to $500.00

Not so Cheap Custom Rims - $500.00 and up

Cheap Chrome Rims - 14 inch or less

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Nissan 350Z with BBS LM Custom Rims

Nissan 350Z with BBS LM Custom Rims

Looking for cheap custom wheels or discount custom rims? Cheap custom wheels don't have to be of poor quality. Cheap wheels can mean great looking custom wheels at a low price.

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